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Wellbutrin Hair Loss Forum

I had a lot of hair loss in june of 2002, at that time i was on methadone 15mg/day, wellbutrin 200mg/day, ultram 100 mg/day and xanas.5 mg as needed. Hair loss slowed down or stopped after quitting wellbutrin, but didn't reverse.

Wellbutrin Bupropion Uses Side Effects Dosages

Compared with fluoxetine, bupropion had the highest risk of hair loss (hr=1.46, 95% ci:

Wellbutrin hair loss forum. So i've been experiencing rapid thinning of my hair, especially in the front, which is very likely being caused by my medication bupropion. That being said, wellbutrin (and many other antidepressants) is known to cause hair loss, though i. Posted by lorraine on january 22, 2002, at 23:55:19.

This means that during clinical trials, hair loss was seen in somewhere between 1/100 to 1/1,000 participants. Did you experience increased shedding? Bupropion 15,433 19,944 21,768 24,479 25,039 mechanism the mechanism by which bupropion is linked to hair loss is likely because of its dopaminergic pharmacology.

Suzanne ## yes my daughter is twelve and is loosing hair. Home forums > other women's hair loss discussions > medications that can cause hair loss > dismiss notice. I take 300 mg xl daily.

The reason that this drug may actually cause hair loss is because it can actually be very compromising on your liver. You're not alone, but it might be a good idea to see a doctor. Has anyone experienced hair loss while taking wellbutrin?

I have read that antidepressants can cause hair loss. I have not been on tegretol but i remember researching hair loss with wellbutrin and verapamil. I have read a number of blogs including this one that indicate that hair loss is a side effect yet the wellbutrin trials only listed hair loss as a side effect for less than 1% of patients.

According to its manufacturer, hair loss is a rare side effect that may be experienced by somewhere between 1 in 100 and 1. Hi, i have recently decided that my hair loss has to be from the wellbutrin as well. Wellbutrin and hair loss?, posted by marly on january 22, 2002, at 16:18:14.

Anagen, catagen, telogen, and exogen. Hair loss is a very uncommon side effect of bupropion, the active ingredient in wellbutrin: Has anyone had a hair loss from takeing wellbutrin?

I have read a number of blogs including this one that indicate that hair loss is a side effect yet the wellbutrin trials only listed hair loss as a side effect for less than 1% of patients. Wellbutrin xl (buproprion extended release), an antidepressant medication, is associated with hair loss although it is a relatively rare occurrence. Dear daltry, i did a lot of research during the time i posted that note, and unfortunately hair loss is *not* uncommon with wellbutrin.

It has been almost a year now off wellbutrin and i don't really notice any new growth. Alopecia, or hair loss, is cited as an “infrequent” effect of wellbutrin. ## yes i surely have ## i have been on 300mg of wellbutrin for about 2 years.

To understand the type of hair loss related to wellbutrin, it helps to talk about the phases of the hair cycle. I had hair loss while on wellbutrin. Several cases of hair loss have been reported with dopamine agonists[10].

I found a web site with hair care and hair loss forums for women. ## o my goodness yes!! There's no empirical data on whether this hair loss is permanent or reversible though.

I have a question for everybody that has eaten this medicine: Would like to know if you or your colleagues have had. Common questions and answers about wellbutrin xl and weight loss forum.

The effect that these medications can have on libido has an entirely different cause than that of finasteride, and has nothing to do with male pattern baldness. I never connected my hairloss with wellbutrin !! Lots of meds can cause hair loss.

Wellbutrin and hair loss?, posted by daltrey on october 6, 2002, at 22:09:18. It is caused by the drug not the inert ingredients in any generic formulation or the brand. Dopamine has been shown to play an important role in hair follicle cycling.

I did too on wellbutrin. Some people taking wellbutrin are concerned about the possibility of experiencing hair loss due to this antidepressant. It was slow and gradual.

I had been on it for about 4 years and the loss was fairly. Our hair actually goes through four distinct phases between the birth of a hair and when it falls out: Posted by gale on july 28, 1999, at 3:26:33.

Musings of an ibizan wanderer: There is no other logical explanation after all the blood work came out normal. No sign of hair loss yet.

Wellbutrin hair loss regrowth myths or reality. I have a bit of increased shedding for now, about 40 % more than usual. I read a handful of posts and it doesn't look good!

Of wellbutrin wellbutrin wellbutrin forum wellbutrin side effect hair loss and wellbutrin wellbutrin drug wellbutrin paxil and wellbutrin side. I think it's a listed side effect for the drug. Sertraline and wellbutrin will not have any effect one way or the other on androgenic hair loss.

Additionally, welbutrin is a mild vasoconstrictor which means that the capillaries that are feeding the hair follicles in your scalp will be much smaller, providing less oxygen and. That said, it’s difficult to find additional scientific literature or studies on the connection between wellbutrin and hair loss. We created a partial list of female hair loss causes here.

On october 7, 2002, at 0:34:53. The first phase, anagen, determines how long hair will become and lasts from two to six.

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