May 21, 2022

Is Rogue Magneto's Daughter

Whether he's guilty or not, magneto already has some experience with killing his progeny having once murdered his daughter zaladane in cold blood. One of these young mutants, a girl named rogue, had just been delivered to wundagore by mystique.

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Rogue was recruited into the brotherhood of mutants by mystique after she became angry with her loneliness, envy, bitterness, and despair.

Is rogue magneto's daughter. After world war ii, magneto (who went by magnus at the time) led a peaceful life in the european countryside with his wife, magda, and their young daughter, anya. The rogue, daughter of the metal master chapter 1: In time, however, mystique turned rogue’s loneliness, envy, bitterness, and despair into anger, thus recruiting her into the brotherhood of mutants.

Rogue eventually became mystique’s daughter, after being taken in by her. Nemesis then changed his name to holocaust. But she does have children in other alternative universes:

The rogue, daughter of the metal master. Together they make up one disturbing family,. Mystique ultimately took rogue in as a daughter.

In the comics, it is revealed that when rogue uses her powers and holds onto someone for too long, she will permanently keep their powers. Mystique would have been rogue’s mother if chris claremont had not left marvel in 1991, he said in june 2016. In “brother(hoods) keeper,” we discover that magneto and rogue darkholme, a combination of rogue and mystique, had a child named plague.

Potential love interest of magneto. Apocalypse's son, nemesis, attacked wundagore and killed magneto's daughter. Answered 10 months ago · author has 133 answers and 22.9k answer views.

She sighed and absently brushed it out of her eyes,. 2:00 pm, friday, october fifth. Whether he’s guilty or not, magneto already has some experience with killing his progeny having once murdered his “daughter” zaladane in cold blood.

Chris claremont said in june 2016 that, had he not left marvel in 1991, mystique would have been rogue’s real mother. Ravaged with guilt, magneto considered giving up. After gambit and magneto, bobby drake’s iceman is probably third on the list of rogue’s most shipped former flings.

Rogue was taken in as mystique's daughter, but chris claremont ( one of the character's creators) said he would had made her rogue’s mom, if he didn't leave marvel. In the comics, rogue is the foster daughter of mystique and destiny, and by extension the foster sister of nightcrawler. Along the way magneto avenged his daughter by critically wounding nemesis, stripping away all his flesh, forcing him to live in a life containment armor.

Did rogue and magneto have a child? Rogue sat on the edge of the roof at bayville high, the wind blowing her hair across her face. The series has been cancelled with issue #21 being its last issue which saw magneto failing to stop the ultimate marvel earth from colliding with the 616 earth and thus resulting in the deaths of magneto and his daughter polaris.

Magneto's wife and mother of quicksilver & scarlet witch. Mystique was also the adoptive mother to. The ongoing trial of magneto has put the master of magnetism in the hot seat for the alleged murder of his adopted daughter, the avengers' scarlet witch.

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