May 21, 2022

Cetearyl Alcohol Hair Reddit

So once it’s damaged, you can’t really fix it to make it incredibly healthy again, all you can do is make it appear and feel healthy. Cetearyl alcohol is a key player in the beauty and hair industry seeing as it acts like an emulsifier that stops creams and shampoos from separating into a hot mess of oil and liquid.

Cetearyl Alcohol

Alcohol's to avoid (dries out hair) 1.cetearyl alcohol (most drying alcohol in hair/skin products) should be avoided to prevent dryness, frizz, itchy scalp, and split ends.

Cetearyl alcohol hair reddit. Cetearyl alcohol falls into this last category. Although i don't think it's going to make it any different. Many people on this subreddit seem to find that it is an acne trigger for them.

Women with kinky, curly and coily hair are particularly prone to dry hair so the above alcohols can ruin your hair regimen. I have used conditioners where the 2nd or 3rd ingredient is cetyl alcohol and dried out my hair. My hair is absolutely fried, like to the point of being gummy, and olaplex has.

It is one of several fatty alcohols (you can see the list on wikipedia). That said i personally try to avoid them in any hair products that i’d put close to my roots as fatty alcohols break my me out and have given me pimples in my hairline in the past. Cetyl alcohol and cetearyl alcohol have different chemical and physical properties and different applications.

Yep these are fine in hair products. Long chain fatty alcohols, like cetearyl alcohol, have smoothing and moisturizing properties. Not only is it considered safe and nontoxic for use on the skin and hair, but it’s also not drying or irritating like other types of alcohol.

Don’t get it mixed up with drying alcohols. It contains 30% or 50% or 70% cetyl alcohol and the rest is stearyl alcohol. Cetyl alcohol, which is different than cetearyl alcohol, is one of the ingredients that you are likely to see on the label of hair conditioners, shampoos, lotions, and skin creams.

1) high molecular alcohols 2) low molecular alcohols. Is cetearyl alcohol good for hair? Is cetearyl alcohol bad for hair?

Cetearyl alcohol (cetyl + stearyl alcohol) is synthetically derived from coconut oil or petroleum derivatives. Emulsifying & thickening cetyl alcohol is a thickening agent and emulsifier derived from vegetable oils, e.g. Behenyl alcohol is the largest fatty alcohol in this group.

If you have acne concerns, it may be best to skip a product where it is the 2nd ingredient, however if you are only worried about it being drying, you should be in the clear. My hair just didn't like it. Alcohol in hair products have the potential to be damaging if:

Along with stearyl alcohol and cetostearyl alcohol, this “alcohol” is used as an oily additive for allowing the conditioner to more easily spread throughout your. Help reddit coins reddit premium reddit gifts. Yesterday i cowashed with body shop olive glossing conditioner, and it left my hair so soft with good slip.

Cetearyl alcohol emulsifies better than of cetyl alcohol. It is also responsible for working up a nice lather in the shower, as it. Cetyl alcohol has 16 carbons, while stearyl and isostearyl alcohols have 18 carbons.

One of the most common long chain fatty alcohols is this last ingredient, cetearyl alcohol and it’s vastly different from “regular” alcohols, like ethanol. The composition of cetearyl alcohol varies from supplier to supplier. The key difference between cetyl alcohol and cetearyl alcohol is that cetyl alcohol is a single chemical compound, whereas cetearyl alcohol is a mixture of chemical compounds.

But when its further down the list of ingredients they work just fine. Cetearyl alcohol is a mixture of mostly of cetyl and stearyl alcohols, which are fatty alcohols that occur naturally in small quantities in plants and animals. Alcohol is often used as a generic term, but not all alcohols are created equally.

Now they added 2.3% total fatty alcohols in the shampoo, not 2.3% of the gel network. Oil and water do not normally mix well, but this ingredient works as an emulsifier (think mayonnaise) and is an inexpensive additive and this is why it’s use is so pervasive in commercial products. It strips both your hair and skin of natural oil during washing.

Myristyl alcohol is a 14 carbon chain. Cetyl alcohol is a type of fatty alcohol having the chemical formula ch 3 (ch 2). I guess everyone hair just reacts differently to products.

All of your hair outside of your scalp is technically “dead”. Cetearyl alcohol is a fatty alcohol used in many lotions, shampoos, and conditioners. Though this substance softens hair and skin;

Isethionate, sodium methyl cocoyl taurate, sodium lauroamphoacetate, glyceryl stearate s.e., cetrimonium chloride, cetearyl alcohol, dimethicone, fragrance, gluconolactone, citric acid, chlorphenesin,. Cetearyl is a fatty alcohol. High molecular alcohols are also called fatty alcohols.

Low molecular alcohols are also known as drying alcohols. I just looked at the ingredients, and one of them is isopropyl alcohol! For some people only cetearyl alcohol causes breakouts, but others have problems with some or all of them.

Found in most products for hair that’s dry or prone to frizz, it has. Alcohol can fall into two categories: Palm oil or coconut oil.

2.used in fabric softener, antistatic agent of synthetic fibers, wetting agent or as thickening agent of daily chemicals. Cetearyl alcohol is used to help soften the skin and hair and to thicken and stabilize cosmetic products, such as lotions and hair products. It’s an effective emollient, keeping moisture in your skin or hair, and helps to keep the oil and water.

It’s a long chain fatty alcohol so it’s good for your hair. Below are alcohols that have been proven to be bad for your hair: For my hair i think its how much cetyl alcohol is in the product.

Keeps liquids and oils in beauty products from separating;

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