May 26, 2022

Average Cost Of Hair Transplant In Pakistan

It is normally in the range of 75000 to 125,000 pak rupee. This is mainly an individualized surgical procedure, depending on your hair requirements.

Hair Transplant In Lahore Cost In Pakistan Hair World

Procedures like hair transplanting are the type of cosmetic treatments that most insurance companies don’t cover.

Average cost of hair transplant in pakistan. You can book your consultation session and check the best hair transplant in lahore price details. How much does it cost in pakistan for females? Hair transplant cost in islamabad pakistan ranges between 70,000 pkr to 500,000 pkr.

For example, 3000 grafts will. The cost in pakistan specifically fue (follicular unit extraction) method ranges between rs 50,000 to rs 300,000. Fue cost in pakistan is estimated with the help of the number of grafts required by patients.

Balding is entirely regular in the western populace. However, the cost of hair transplant in islamabad, pakistan mainly depends on the following factors: That is why the cost varies from person to person.

Fue hair transplant cost in pakistan is the system that is entirely straightforward, since it includes uprooting hair at the ranges still component hair, by and large over the neck, and join them at the uncovered areas. Cheap hair replacement in pakistan ranges between 40,000 and 50,000 rupees. Of course, the thought of transplanting something can be a bit scary.

If you want to know the hair transplant cost in pakistan give us a call at +92 3455 786 424. The techniques utilized in the performance of the surgery. Those who have full baldness and they need more follicles and surgical team and doctor have to spend more time, obviously charges would be high.

Cost of hair transplant islamabad pakistan: It is a more skilled and microscopic procedure. Hair transplant cost in pakistan lahore can be divided into two categories, namely cheap and quality hair restoration.

Dr.ahmad chaudhry is one of the. Hair transplant cost in pakistan. Some persons have partial baldness and their requirement is less number of grafts and fee for procedure would be less.

Hair transplant cost in pakistan is estimated rs. Our clinic in pakistan has cheap and affordable packages for fue procedure. The first thing that would probably come up to your mind when you think of getting a surgical hair loss treatment is the price.

Hair transplant cost in lahore pakistan depends upon various factors, however, the average range is 40,000 to 150,000 pak rupee. Fue (follicular unit extraction) procedure cost or price (0.60$/graft) What is the cost of hair transplant in pakistan?

The normal cost of hair transplant in lahore (pakistan) is 65 rupee for strip hair transplantation and 125 rupee for fue hair surgery. Laser hair transplant in pakistan cost based on one year package and one session in pakistan cost is about 10,000 to 15,000 approximately. Cost of hair restoration procedure in pakistan depends upon the area of baldness, number of grafts, technique (fut vs fue), skill, experience and qualification of the surgeon.

This cost of a single graft is multiplied with the total number of fue grafts needed by a patient. We are also offering services for the best hair transplant in karachi. One can get cheap hair transplant in lahore pakistan as per budget.

The average cost in pakistan is 75000 pak rupee to 175,000 pak rupee in a reputed and board certified surgeon’s clinic. Also, it is a very delicate and complicated surgery and can’t be. Fue procedure price in pakistan is charged per graft basis normally.

Fue procedure has higher cost due to individual extraction of each follicle. The price of each transplant depends on the number of hairs being transplanted. The average hair transplant cost in islamabad pakistan range around from 70,000 pkr to 400,000 pkr.

The more grafts you transplant, the lower the average cost per graft will tend to be. Most clinicals charge by the graft, meaning the more severe your hair loss, the more costly. The hair transplant cost in karachi pakistan is 70rs at alkhaleej clinics.

But we can recommend you to get detail information and discussion from for laser hair transplant in pakistan cost. Since every person is different so cost is calculated accordingly. 9.00 am to 5.00 pm (mon to sat).

The cost depends on various things like how much hairs are being transplanted, which specialist doctors you are consulting and which center you have chosen. Hair transplant cost in pakistan vary from clinic to clinic. This typically relies upon the number of implanted grafts, as well as the surgeons’ expertise.

Our hair is regularly an impression of our general wellbeing. A single fue graft cost ranges from one hundred and twenty pakistani rupees to one hundred and forty five pakistan rupees. Hair transplant surgeon guides you about hair transplant surgery and how much hair grafts you required in your initial hair restoration consultation.

The hair restoration specialist surgeon’s fees. Then he calculates amount by multiplying the grafts. The cost does not increase linearly.

You can also calculate your hair transplant cost by using the tool provided by us. Some hair clinics charge 45000 rs while other starts from 75000 to 150,000 pak rs How much does hair transplant cost in pakistan for men?

Depending upon the type of procedure selection, the hair transplantation cost in lahore pakistan generally ranges from 75000 to 150000 pak rupee. Normally it charges 60 rs to 80 rs per graft depending upon the number of grafts. Hair transplant cost in pakistan.

55,000 to rs.200,000 rupees, according to the surgeon expertise, center you have chosen, how many hair required to be transplanted and which method of surgery used. One session of fue is completed in almost 6 hours in which almost 3500 grafts are transplanted. Frontal area cost for hair restoration is 75000 to 90,000 rupee.

We are committed to provide world class ultra refined follicular procedure.

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